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Península de Zapata


Reserve of the Biosphere

On the south side of the territory, the Great Natural Park of Montemar, located in the Ciénaga de Zapata Reserve of the Biosphere, is particularly attractive for those who prefer to enjoy the multiple specialties of nature tourism; though there are here many spaces of interest for those who rather go open sea diving or speleodiving in sunken caves.

A strategy designed for the preservation and care of its environment during almost four decades, together with scarce presence of population settlements have allowed this ecosystem to stay almost untouched. It is also considered the largest reserve of humid soil in the Caribbean, with outstanding places like the Salt Mines of Brito (ecosystem of coastal salt marshes), La Boca (the largest crocodile farm in Latin América) and the shelters of international fauna La Salina and Santo Tomás, which was classified as the most endemic area in the planet.

The Treasure Lagoon, with eight square kilometers of surface and five of depth, is probably the most well known place in the park. Boat rides are appropriate for fishing and traveling to the Guamá tourism center, habitat of two endangered species of aquatic vertebrates: Manatee and Manjuarí.

The values of this area are also enhanced by a natural pool; a garden where you will be able to see the transition between a semi-forest and a swamp forest; as well as the Bay of Pigs Museum, which gathers details of the defense against the armed invasion carried out in Cuba by mercenary troops in April of 1961 and defeated in less than 72 hours.

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