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Traveling for Health

Scientific and Technical Backing

While just breathing the warm air in Cuba can have a positive effect on your health, visitors often take specific steps to improve their health, whether they are on vacation or on business. Some luxuriate in European-style spas; others come for medical treatments.

Mineral springs abound in Cuba, and spa treatments and thermal therapies can be incorporated into any stay. About 30 of the country’s mineral springs have proven medicinal properties. A growing network of hotels combine tourism with well-being and quality-of-life improvements. Club Vida, for example, blends health treatments, nature and cultural experiences.

For those needing medical treatments, the country has a large network of medical facilities equipped with the latest technology. These are staffed by highly skilled and caring professionals, some of whom offer specialized treatments that are unique in the world.

Key locations:

Therapeutic treatments:

Spas: San Diego de los Baños and Horizontes Rancho San Vicente Hotel (Pinar del Río), Horizontes Elguea Hotel (Villa Clara).

Quality-of-life; anti-stress: La Pradera International Health Centre, Horizontes Casa del Valle Hotel (Matanzas), Kurhotel Escambray (Sancti Spíritus), Club Vida El Saltón (Santiago de Cuba)

Medical treatments:

Drug rehabilitation:

El Quinqué y El Cocal therapeutic communities (Holguín).

Night blindness: Camilo Cienfuegos International Ophthalmologic Clinic (Havana).

Vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia: Placental Histotherapy Centre (Havana).

Parkinson’s disease: International Neurological Restoration Centre (Havana).

Orthopedic surgery: Frank País International Orthopedic Complex (Havana).

Health travel programs are available from Turismo y Salud, a division of the Cubanacán S.A. corporate group; the Hoteles Horizontes chain; and the Gaviota S.A. tourism group.

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