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Bird Hunting and Lightweight Fishing

Cuba has not overlooked the world’s perennial passion for hunting and fishing. While seasons are clearly defined and regulations are strict, Cuba’s game-bird hunting and sports-fishing expeditions are popular soft-adventure options. Cuban tourism agencies that promote these activities are Cubanacán S.A., Gaviota S.A. and Hoteles Horizontes S.A. Your travel agent can book your fishing and hunting expeditions.

Every February, Horizontes organizes an international black bass fishing tournament, alternatively at Zaza and La Redonda Reservoirs. Annual hunting competitions (in July and August) take place in the Morón and Camagüey preserves.


Main locations:

Hunting preserves: Maspotón (Pinar del Río), Las Amarillas (Matanzas), Rancho Hatuey and Zaza (Sancti Spíritus), Morón (Ciego de Ávila), Corral de Rojas and Florida (Camagüey) and Viramas (Granma).

Fishing spots: Maspotón (Pinar del Río), Tesoro Lake (Península de Zapata), Rancho Hatuey and Zaza (Sancti Spíritus), La Redonda and La Leche lakes (Ciego de Ávila), Porvenir, Muñoz and Santa Ana (Camagüey) and Viramas (Granma).

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