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Santa Lucía


Santa Lucia Beach

The longest coral reef formation in front of the north east coast of Cuba, shelters a 21 km long beach: Santa Lucía, main tourist destination of Camagüey and with a highly preserved ecosystem habitat of important colonies of pink flamingos.

Getting into this territory means excellent beaches, diving sites, sport fishing; and also meeting a city full of history and peculiar splendor; it’s the unique chance of walking among green hills and wet flora, explore caverns or swimming in a labyrinth of almost virgin islands like Sabinal or Caguama.

Santa Lucía de Cuba beach features well equipped hotels and complete services, from restaurants to stores. In the city of Camagüey exist comfortable hotels as well. Located in the north coast of the central and eastern part of Cuba. To the east is the Nuevas Grandes Bay and Las Tunas province, to the west the archipelago of Jardines del Rey and to the South the rest of Camagüey.

Places to visit

Santa Lucía Beach

With its 21-kilometre strip of dazzling white sand overlooking the northern coral reef, is well known for the quality and variety of its dive sites, with romantic names such as Valentina and Poseidon. Hotels and resorts dot the island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway.

Town centre

Dating back to 1514, Camaguey has been wiped out several times by battles and pirates (led by Henry Morgan). When it was rebuilt, its streets became a labyrinth, as if to confuse any future invaders. Today, these winding streets lined with rainbow-coloured houses are a delightful treat.

Parque Ignacio Agramonte

At the centre of this colonial “town square” stands the statue of hero Ignacio Agramonte on horseback. It was sculpted in 1912 by Buemi.

La Merced Church

Restoration has begun in this magnificent 18th-century church with its decorated ceiling and statue of Jesus. In the church, art work commemorates the death of a villager in a duel.

San Juan de Dios Square

A restored national monument dating back to the 18th century, is surrounded by a convent, a hospital and a church, which houses a rare statue of the Holy Trinity and Holy Ghost.


(18th century) is surrounded by a convent, a hospital and a church, the latter with a rare image of the Holly Trinity and the humanized figure of the Holly Ghost.


Literary figures Silvestre de Balboa (17th century), Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda (19th century) and Nicolás Guillén (20th century) are remembered here in displays of their works and statues built in their honour. Balboa wrote the epic poem "Espejo de Paciencia" (Mirror of Patience), the oldest known expression of Cuban literature (1608).

Teatro Principal

A splendid building dating back to 1850 is now the home of the Camagüey Classic Ballet Company.

Casino Campestre

Is the city’s lush “green centre”, with its gardens and monuments, one of which is devoted to Spanish pilots Barberán and Collar. In 1934, they made the historic first flight between Seville and Havana. Nearby is Revolution Square, named after Major General Iganacio Agramonte y Loynaz.

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