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Au sujet de Cuba

Getting around

Cuba has excellent taxi services as well as car, van and motorcycle rentals. Tour buses in Havana and Varadero cover the major sites of interest.

Types of payment

The prices displayed on the products and services in Cuba are in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) and all are only payable in CUC, including transport.


Cuba’s telephone network provides direct communications inside the country and out – with any part of the world. Some hotels and resorts also provide Internet connections.

Packing for your trip

What you pack for your visit to Cuba will depend on the time of year and your itinerary. Here are few ideas to help you bring the right items for your plans.

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    Havana: 23.141623, -82.354889
    Varadero: 23.168139, -81.219177
    Trinidad: 21.782456, -80.005188
    Pinar del Rio: 22.426263, -83.685608
    Jardines del Rey: 22.517631, -78.629150
    Camaguey: 21.391705, -77.915039
    Holguín: 20.889608, -76.261597
    Granma: 20.367802, -76.670837
    Santiago de Cuba: 20.079150, -75.978699
    Guantánamo: 20.164255, -74.737244
    Villa Clara: 22.406600, -79.965100